Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alyson Hannigan: My Main Girl Crush.

Most of you probably know her as Willow, from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or that band girl whose name I don't know because I've never seen the movies, from the "American Pie" films.
But I know and love her as Lily Aldrin-Erickson on the adorable television series, "How I Met Your Mother." If you haven't yet seen this show you're totally missing out and I seriously suggest you start watching ASAP.

Not only is Alyson Hannigan totally gorgeous...She's also super funny and cute.

She has great style, on screen and off.

I suppose I don't actually know a whole lot about Miss Hannigan, but Lily and I are pretty much like this. (yeah, so?) And I just adore her!

(all images via google images.)


  1. HIMYM is legendary:) And Allyson is just a doll - everytime I watch, I want her outfits!

  2. She. Is. Beautiful.

    I loved her since the start of Buffy :)

  3. People always tell me I look like/act like her! It's crazy... people who I have never even met. I totally don't see it, but I take it as a compliment :D

  4. uhmm. I never really thought of her as a fashion leader...but i like it. I have a few post simuliar to this one on my site. of hilary duff and ashley olsen!
    Take a look!

  5. so really is lovely. I think the last look is super on her!

  6. Me & my husband are huge fans of HIMYM and we love Lily but of course we love all of them. They are all so funny! I think she is gorgeous though!


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