Sunday, February 7, 2010

day two.

a couple of days ago, josh was reading some stuff about water fasting.
i think fasting is really interesting and i've always wanted to do one myself.
so i started doing some research, too.
i found out some really neat stuff.
for instance, that water fasting can aid in alleviating asthma and psoriasis.
it can also take away benign tumors.
and all sorts of other great stuff, but these three i actually deal with, so i was especially excited.

so, i started my fast yesterday, and am now heading into day two.
i haven't really had any hunger pains yet.
i've had that growling feeling. josh told me that that is actually the stomach shrinking.
i had a terrible, awful headache last night, and i have a slight one currently.
but as far as hunger goes, i'm really only dealing with the emotional kind.
it's so insane to me how much of my life was based around eating.

apparently you should fast one day for every year you've been alive.
so in my case, i need to do it 19-20 days.
i think that after i get past the first few days i'll be able to handle it.
the body doesn't really start healing til about a week in.
so i really want to hold strong and make this happen.
i'm excited about it.

wish me luck!


  1. you're a stronger person than I! I fasted in high school for church fundraisers, but it was only for 30 hrs!

    good luck!!

  2. wow! so...just water? 19-20 days??? that seems like a long time. be safe!


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