Sunday, February 7, 2010

coming clean.

so, as embarrassing as this is, i have to come clean.
a few hours after making my previous post, i broke my fast.
i felt terrible afterwards; very guilty and disappointed.
i'm kind of getting over those feelings.
i realize now that it probably wasn't ideal to jump into something like this without better planning and preparation.
so, i ended up fasting for a little over 24 hours, i guess.
i do intend to try another sometime soon.
it's tough!
and i have crazy respect for people who can hold out for such long periods of time.
that's incredible.

better luck next time!


  1. 24 hours is still impressive, i have to eat within like two hours! :]
    You still did good, don't feel guilty!

  2. I'm impressed you held out that long. I become a crazy person when I don't eat.


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