Saturday, January 2, 2010

january 1st, you are weird.

i woke up rather late this morning; it was almost noon.
my stomach was killing me, so i took a pain pill and the rest of my medicine, too.
i was only awake for another hour and a half or so.
the pain pills knock me out.
i woke up off and on; apologizing to josh for sleeping so much, saying goodbye to him.
i was asleep until after 6.

josh left at 4 to go to tunica to play poker.
he won't be back over here til tomorrow evening.
i was upset that he was leaving, and i know that's selfish of me.
i just didn't want to be all alone, bored and sick.
but just because i'm all cooped up doesn't mean he has to be.
it has been the worst without him around.

it is really, really late. (2 am.)
chloe is still awake watching tv.
she is four and really silly.
she told me that she has to keep watching tv because it is her brain, so she can't shut it off.
whatever that means...

all i can eat is really boring stuff.
raisin bran, toast, broth, crackers.
oh, i ate some shrimp today. shh.
whatever is wrong with me is apparently probably my gall bladder.

i have been watching a lot of "heroes" today.
i can't finish this last episode though, because i'm a little burnt out.
but, i'm really liking it.
i'd kind of like a super power of my own, please.

today has been a weird, boring day.

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