Thursday, May 1, 2014

i'm basically a chef now.

I'm a baker, by nature.

I'm fairly good at it, and I've always liked it. Cooking, though, has always been pretty much foreign to me. For years now, I've been interested in the idea of cooking, but only occasionally have I actually dabbled in it.
This is one of the things that I've always had a hang up with, in regards to myself.
So, a few weeks ago, I decided that cooking was where I wanted to start, in order to try to make a change in my life. (Longer story, another day, perhaps.)

For three weeks now, I've been cooking, and surprise (not): I really love it.
I know my the kitchen. (Ha.)
But seriously, I really do feel that cooking/baking are almost like a form of therapy for me. It makes me happy. I'm being productive. We get good food out of it.

Win/win/win, y'all.

Here are some things that I've made that we really loved:

Goulash--Tatum loves this word. Everyday when I say, "Guess what we're having for lunch/dinner?" She chants, "Goo-lawsh! Goo-lawsh!" (No, we do not eat it everyday.)

Coconut chicken--With this one, I didn't make the dipping sauce, and I did change up the chicken a tiny bit, but basically we had chicken strips, breaded in coconut, and it was amazing. I did make a sauce...It was mayo, honey, franks hot sauce, salt, curry powder...All to taste.

Sloppy joes--I'd made sloppy joes before (helloooo), but never homemade, so I was really interested in trying these. Basically everything in this recipe I just did to taste, except for the couple of things that she gives a set amount for. So, if you try it, just use the ingredients as a guide. I'm pretty certain you can't screw it up.
: )

Salsa verde chicken--This recipe, you guys. I am just so obsessed with how easy, but delicious it is! Four ingredients, less than five minutes to prep, then 20 (if that?) minutes in the oven just to let it warm, get the cheese melty. This is the perfect "in a rush" dinner.

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  1. It's good for you to try new things out, and get the most out of your kitchen skills! Based on the meals you described in this post, it sounds like you’re fast becoming a pro in this field. I would love to hear more about your baking and cooking feats in the future, Lyds. Thank you for sharing and have a good day! :-)

    Brian Carter @ Restaurant Business Broker


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