Tuesday, September 17, 2013

post-nap cute.

I was lucky to get some great nappers.

Tatum used to take a couple of two hour naps each day, now she takes one three hour nap every day. 
Sullivan is still pretty new and all, but so far he takes two one hour naps in the morning, then one three hour nap (at the same time as Tatum, so, fist pump!), then another one hour nap before bed.

So, when it comes to napping, things are pretty decent.
Now if we could just get sleeping through the night down with Sully...

Yesterday when Sullivan woke from "The Big Nap", he was just looking especially cute. So I decided I needed to dust off my camera and take some "real" pictures of him. 
After we finished up our little photo shoot (of sorts), I woke Tatum up and took a couple pictures of her, too. She's obviously a little more go-go-go these days, so actually capturing a photo of her and NOT a weird "maybe that's Tatum, but we're not really sure" blur, is rare. So, I was pretty excited and all. Ah, what a mom. 
And, um, she's obviously the biggest ham on the planet, which she gets from me, which terrifies me. (I'm not going to lie to you...I was a really obnoxious, dramatic child.) She is kind of like the cooler version of me, though, so maybe she'll just always be cute and hilarious. Crossing my fingers!

Closing out blog posts is not my strong suit. So, see yuhhh.


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