Wednesday, March 20, 2013

perfect park day.

Last Thursday we took a little trip (first of the year!) to the park.

Josh suggested it and at first I said no, because: 1. A certain someone really needed to wash their hair. Just some girl. Really, we don't need to name names..... 2. I couldn't find my belly band (that thing for your pre-pregnancy jeans) anywhere!
But then, I was like, "Hey, that's what dry shampoo and extra long maternity t-shirts and tanks are for!" (Okay, maybe not so much on the latter. Trust me. Do not try to use a tank top in place of a belly band. You will just be left feeling awkward.)

So, I got over myself and we spent some fun family time at the park.
It was Tatum's first time going and actually being able to do things, so it was kind of exciting. She loves the swings (as if you couldn't tell!), running aimlessly, and going down slides.
Seriously, she's a wild woman! She was even going head first (voluntarily) on the tunnel slides.

And of course I ended our adventure with a giant iced coffee. It just had to be done. Watching your husband chase  Chasing around a toddler is tiring, guys.

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  1. She looks like she is having the best time ever! You are both such great parents, Tatum is a blessed little gal!


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