Friday, September 7, 2012

chicago with some of the best women on the planet.

{the whole group, minus one lovely lady. i am the awkward one clutching my friend's arm.}

I've mentioned a couple of times that I belong to an online mom group, but I've never gone in depth with it. I think now is the perfect time.

Right after I found out I was pregnant with Tatum, I joined and was a participant on their November 2011 Births forum. Around May of that year, someone suggested starting a Facebook group for all of us for easier communication, getting to know each other better, etc. I almost didn't join...I'm so glad that I did. 
There were a lot of people in the group at first, but a large number of those weren't actively posting or joining in, so the group quickly dropped down to around 120 women. Four of those much loved members have now also moved on from the group, so we sit at 116 group members these days.

We talk to each other every single day. Basically, there is always someone to talk to 24/7, which is obviously very nice. We've grown to form texting/emailing relationships, phone talking relationships. The whole nine yards! : )

This year was our first annual get together. We've had lots of area get togethers, but for this one girls came from all over. Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Washington, Iowa, Canada, Georgia, and Ohio.

Crazy, right?!

There were just 15 of us at this event, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that it made us feel closer not just to those attending, but to every single girl in the group. We truly have such a special bond, and I am so thankful for each and every single one of these women and their families.

We laugh together.
We cry together.
We have inside jokes.
We fight.
We love each other.

These are my people. And they are some really, really good ones.


  1. You're the only reason I am happy that we got stationed in Springfield lol. If it weren't for the group I wouldn't have an awesome friend here!

    1. I know! I am glad you are here.
      We need to start hanging out much more!

  2. Two thumbs up! I only wish that I were in the picture at the top. Next time!

    1. I wish you were too!
      But you'll be in SF, yay!!! : )

  3. I'm so glad I got to see you again. <3

    1. I'm glad I got to see you too!
      I had the best time. : ) <3

  4. Good friends make all the difference. That's so great that you all met up!

  5. Perfectly worded Lydia :) we are better people for knowin you.

  6. That is so great! I joined that same website when I was pregnant but I have yet to meet a single person that I feel like I see eye t eye with. Maybe I'm just difficult hahaha

    1. No way! I think it's definitely that site. Haha.
      No offense to anyone who uses it, I think it's just harder for people to form bonds, and truly get to know each other.
      So, it's not's them. : )


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