Friday, May 18, 2012

zoo day.

For Tatum's 6 month birthday we went to the zoo.
It was her very first time there, and to say that she didn't care is basically the biggest understatement of all time.
That's okay, though! Josh and I still had lots of fun.

My absolute favorite part was seeing the tamarins! I've seen them at zoos before, but never really noticed how adorable they are. In fact, when we were looking at them, I actually said, "You are the cutest things of all time!" And then, I looked down at Tatum and said, "Besides you, obviously."
But seriously...tamarins.

Oh, wait. Change of heart! I really loved the tamarins, but right after I typed that out, I remembered the giraffes. That was actually the best. For real the best. We bought some crackers to feed them, and that was super neat because Tatum got to feed one! Doesn't she look cute doing it? (Minus that whole tongue deal we've got going on these days. Maybe she was trying to be like her little {ha} giraffe friend.)

The worst parts of the zoo were the alligators and giant nasty koi fish (at least, I think they were koi?). You can see pictures of both of my traumatic experiences above. For starters, the alligators: They wouldn't have been so bad, except they were fighting over a dead white rabbit. Enough said. Secondly: Giant. Nasty. Fish. They have disgusting mouths. One had a wonky eye. Shudder.

Before we left we stopped by the gift shop to get something for Tatum as a keepsake. Turns out, the kid loves zoo memorabilia. Everything we showed her was hilarious. It was non-stop laughter the whole ten minutes we were in there. We decided on a monkey hand puppet. She still thinks he's funny, so that's good.

I miss the tamarins and their weird little faces.
Good thing we're going back in a few weeks when family visits!

P.S. That picture of T and Josh is my new favorite ever.


  1. We went to the zoo Sunday for Mother's Day! I was so excited because we took Selah last year at 8 months old and she didn't care about anything. This year at 17 months she pointed to the animals and made animal noises and walked around and it was just the best. And we just have to avoid that gift store. Ha! Selah's room is in a zoo theme so she just wants everything related to the zoo as well. I love the picture of Tatum feeding the giraffe!

    1. That's so neat! I can't wait til Tatum recognizes things. Adorable. : )

  2. This looks like so much fun! THe part about laughing in the gift shop is my favorite! Happy 6 months Taterbutt!

    1. It was! You should have seen it. SO funny. Love you!

  3. Your beautiful family! awww. LOVE this post!

  4. We can't wait for our visit to the zoo with you guys! It will be so much fun! These pictures are just precious! The top one of Josh and Tatum is absolutely priceless...I think I must print it...

    1. Well, if you print all of our pictures you'll run out of space! haha.


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