Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tatum + Friends: Jack, Katherine, Natalie.

 {Jack + Tatum}

{Tatum, Katherine, + Natalie}

Yesterday, Tatum and I met up with a couple of the other moms + babies in my online November moms group. Megan was in town from Illinois, and Casey recently moved to Springfield. We went to Panera for lunch and everyone got bread bowls, because duh, they're the best.

It was so fun to see Tatum playing with more babies! I think she really enjoyed it. : )

After Panera, Casey and the girls came over to play for awhile. Tatum may have attacked one of them. That was a little awkward...I mean, nobody wants their kid to be the cause of another kid crying. Luckily, babies move on quickly + forget. : )

I'm excited for more playdates. Not only fun for the babies, but for the mommas too.

Do you notice a trend in the last few pictures? Because I do. My kid is the biggest ham on planet Earth. Always camera ready. And she seriously loves the camera, especially my "real" camera. 
It kind of reminds me of someone else I know (ahem, me) when she was a little girl...


  1. OMG, too cute! I want to meet up tooooooooO!

  2. tatum is such a CUTE baby!!! she has your eyes, forehead and its freaking adorable!

    I love your posts with pics of her!
    Everytime I see her, I'm like DAMNIT I WANT A BABY!!!! lol

    1. Thank you! : )
      You should get one. They're pretty cool. ; )

  3. Totally like mother like daughter. I've seen your home movies young lady.

  4. Love it! Tatum is already making friends. I remember that little girl hamming it up a bit for the camera! ;-) Always adorable, and such a little improv star!

  5. Baby push ups! I didn't know you started a baby boot camp! :D Loving catching up on your blog. I miss you!

    1. I did, Allie! Bring Henry! haha. : )

      I miss you too! <3

  6. Omg I just saw this. Loveeeeeee. We seriously have the cutest little girls ever!

    P.s. Katherine forgives Tatum. Natalie beats her up all the time lol.

    1. Thank goodness. Haha.
      And I totally agree!


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