Friday, April 6, 2012

The Littlest Aunt.

My little sister, Chloe, is probably the best kid (of the girl variety) ever. She's 6 and gets more + more neat every single day. Recently, Josh and I talked about how she's starting to look so "grown up." She's looking less baby faced + way more kiddish. I saw it a lot in these photos I took yesterday. It kinda kills me.

It's a hard thing to explain, but since Tatum came along it has been difficult on me a bit to balance the two of them. Chloe was always "my baby." Not reealllyyy, but you know? But now I have my REAL baby, and I know that I'm still struggling with learning how to make time + attention for Chloe, too. That's important to me, because we've always been so close.

Eventually, we'll find the flow and I'll make it work. I'm trying. I hope she knows that.
BAH. I just love her so much!

P.S. Sister has an awesome tan!


  1. Your blog looks awesome!

    ps your little sis is TOO CUTE! my youngest brother turns 13 in june and i'm *dying* over how old he is now & the middle brother turns 16 in the fall. When did they get so old?!

    1. Thanks, girl! : )

      Isn't she? I just love her! She's my youngest sibling. Then it goes: 10, 13, 15, 19.
      Watching them grow is just so crazy!

  2. Aww this is sooooo cute! I kind of wish I had a little sister, well I have a younger one but she's 19 haha. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a good balance soon :)

  3. How precious!!!
    She looks like she is the best aunt ever:) And she does have a rockin' tan!

    New follower!

  4. omgosh the two of them are too much for me to handle! what beautiful little ones x


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