Monday, March 19, 2012

Lyds, Currently...

{my ombre'd hair. i'd like to make it clear i had just woken up.}

Obsessing over...Madddawggg on Youtube. SO good. Madison has a blog, too! Check it out HERE.
And even better, she is super nice! I kind of wish we were besties.

Working new Etsy shop, Lyds Vintage! I am so excited to finally have this little guy up + running. I've been talking about doing this for years. It was about time I followed through with it! Please, click the Etsy link in the sidebar, and check it out. 

Thinking about...going back to a dark hair color. It's hasn't been dark in a long time + I kinda miss it.

Anticipating...Tuesday! Okay, this is so dorky of me...but Josh apparently ordered me an Edible Arrangement gift as a surprise and I'm just really excited for it. Because, A) I like fruit! B) It's sweet that Josh got me a surprise. (I found out because I mentioned my friend Annie's husband getting her one as a surprise and how I thought it was nice of him and Josh started acting awkward and laughing, then he told me.) However, I do think it's kind of a funny gift...Ha.

Listening to...Dora the Explorer. Funny how tolerable it is these days. (And yes, I let my baby watch tv occasionally.)

Eating...nothing! But I am drinking coffee. (I think that's always my response to this one!)

Wishing for...the weather to stay this beautiful year round. It is so nice and pretty out! It's the absolute best.

Have a great week!


  1. Such a wonderful selection of cuteness! I love that cover :)

  2. A) your hair looks super rad and now I want to ombré mine.
    B) it is quite funny how tolerable children's shows become after a while. Being a nanny has definitely taught me to appreciate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... #lol
    C) don't feel guilty about letting your baby watch tv. I'm not even joking, that's all we do when I'm at work. It keeps the kids happy, so why not? Am I right?!

    1. A) It did look pretty awesome! And then I had to ruin everything and color it full on blonde. BLEH. I'm mending this situation soon.

      B + C) Girl. You are SO right. Sometimes a girl just needs to get stuff done. And if that requires a little help from Dora, Boots, or whoever else...So be it. Just no Caillou or Max + Ruby, EVERRR.

  3. OMG I just saw this! For sure made my night <3

  4. Oh my! I loved this list, especially the video. Her voice is amazing...and so is her hair! <3


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