Friday, March 2, 2012

Fit Friday: I hate clothes, but not really.

I kind of forgot about Fit Friday until just now. MY BAD.

So, just a little body update before we get started here:

-I haven't lost any weight.
-I've actually gained a couple of pounds.
-I know, I'm totally impressing you.


Trying on clothes is basically the bane of my existence right now. Seriously.
I hate finding things that I love, then walking into the dressing room only to find that they don't fit or just look super awkward and unflattering.
It's such a bummer, but as you can see...I haven't done anything about it yet.

A few days ago I asked Josh if he could help me out with some extra money for buying new spring/summer clothes. He said he would, but I have to pick an amount of weight I want to lose by a certain time, in order to get it.
You're probably thinking: "What a jerk!"
But I promise you...He is no such thing. I actually really appreciate him doing this.
His reasoning: He is tired of me constantly talking about how "fat" I am, but not doing anything about it. I get that. So, this way, I do something about it...get body will improve...and I get new clothes for said body. Decent.

So. The goal:

CW: 182
GW: 174
By: March 30

Hopefully by the next update I will have some results that I'm proud to share.


  1. I get exactly the same from my boyfriend. I complain about my weight but then it gets to dinner time and I'm like, "Let's have pizza!"

  2. I think its really awesome that josh wants to motivate you. :)


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