Thursday, February 23, 2012

valentine's date.

We had a really fun Valentine's Day this year. It was a low-key family event and I'm 100% happy with that. We went to dinner at a pizza by the slice place and then just walked around, browsing Urban Outfitters. There were supposed to be cupcakes involved, but the preferred shop was closed, so those came tomorrow! : )

Obviously I wore red for the occasion. I mean, duh. I also wore the baby--the best part of my outfit! Seriously, though...Before this trip I'd never used a carrier, because I didn't have a reason to. I love it now. (Good thing, considering I carry her for miles and up giant hills almost daily.)

And for anyone who may wonder: My carrier is from Hotslings.

Tatum went all out and wore a few different shades of red + pink. (Ignore the Pooh paci., plz.)


My gift! (The rings in the middle.) I was so super excited! I've wanted these rings for months. I was really surprised Josh got them, because he only saw them once and had no link to them. He said he typed "branch ring" in on the Etsy search bar. That's it. These were an option and he thought they looked close. Phew. : ) Haha.

Oh. And I got Josh a couple pairs of Toms. And we'll just say those dolls I bought were Tatum's gift. : )

What'd you do for Val Day?


  1. oh man. i LOVE hotslings. it was a lifesaver for me when both of my boys were teeny.

  2. such a pretty ring!! and I love the rep lipstick - so glam!

    1. thanks, cait! it's a kat von d color. : )

  3. You look GORGEOUS, Lydia! Sounds like a lovely Valentine's day spent with your two loves! :)

    LOVE those rings! I've been wanting them for a while, too! So pretty.

    1. thanks so much, holly! you're sweet. : )

  4. My boyfriend was ill so it was a domino's pizza on the couch with old episodes of House. Man-flu is a killer! x


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