Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the most awkward bus ride there ever was.

If you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder what the most awkward bus ride ever was...", I'm about to answer your question. Because I know. How do I know?

Because it was the bus ride that I experienced yesterday.

{yes, i actually made this. i wouldn't worry about it.}

We were about to get on the bus when Josh told me that I should pay because it would be easier since he was holding Tatum. Okay, no big. I've totally got this! Right? WRONG. (Oh. So. Wrong.)
We climb aboard.
I put the $5 in the money slot, but it's being difficult and won't take it. So, I mean, I obviously start getting flustered. I'm holding up the line!
Finally, it goes in.
The bus driver is holding up two tickets. I go to grab them, but then do that awkward back away thing, because I realize he's holding them pretty close to himself...He must be waiting for the money to process or something.
But then, he doesn't do anything. So I go to grab them again, but I back away again. (WHY, LYDIA? Why did you back away a second time?!)
Then. He gives me a look as if to say, "Just take the dang tickets!"

I take them.
I take my seat.
I start to tell Josh the story. Then, I hear, "Ma'am? MA'AM."
The bus driver is calling me out. "Ma'am, come up here."
"Just stand right here." He sounded oddly stern...
"Oookaaayyy..." I sounded sort of rude.
A minute passes.
"I just wanted to get you your change, but I can't handle cash, so I had to wait for a passenger with it."
Aww. So nice!

After I get my change, I go back to my seat.
I finish telling Josh the story.
And then, I tell him that I thought I was in trouble with the bus driver. Like, he was going to make me stand at the front of the bus for the whole ride or something, for not being a more efficient bus rider.
What the heck do I think this is, elementary school?

Oh, Lyds. Sigh.

**You're so welcome for this super unnecessarily lengthy and pointless story.**


  1. Totally enjoyed the story...btw, did you get a bus ticket? hahaha

    1. haha. yes, mom! that's how i had a seat!

    2. No, I was thinking about when kids ride the school bus, and that is THE question of the day..."Did you get a bus ticket?"

    3. Oooohhh. Haha. I get it! Good one!

  2. Your story is awesome! That's something I would do : )

    1. Yay! I'm not alone in being super awkward! : )

  3. haha. this is totally something i would do. i have the ability to make ANY situation more uncomfortable and awkward than it should be.

  4. that sounds so stressful! Why didn't he just tell you what was happening?! Instead of holding the tickets all close and being a weirdo? Love the drawing, but I wouldn't worry about it. Haaahahah hilarious.

    1. I know, Larissa! I asked myself the same.
      Thank you for loving my artwork. : ) haha.

  5. Cute story :) and Love the new layout and header Lydia!


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