Monday, January 23, 2012

Thermos: A Story Better Than the Title Sounds. Maybe.

{unrelated, yet semi-related baby photo (semi-related in that she is cute, like thermoses, apparently)}

I have something to tell you.
I AM the "$#*% Girls Say" video.

And here is why I feel that way:

A few days ago, our little family had an hour to kill while we were waiting to head over to our friends' house for the evening. So, we decided (read: me, I decided) that we should spend that time at Target. I mean, really. Where else?

Something that you guys should know is that one of Josh's many nicknames for me is "Browsey Barn." I don't really see what the heck is so bad about browsing, but's dreadful. Or something.

On this particular Target adventure, my Browsey sights were set on--brace yourselves--Thermoses. I just kept seeing so. many. cute thermoses! And I kept exclaiming, "Aww, this one is adorable!" "SO cute!" Josh just kept making fun of me. (Um, why?)
At one point, he even texted a picture of me, looking at the thermoses, to a friend. Can't a girl just live her life?

Finally, Josh tells me that I've been looking at the thermoses for 15 minutes. FIFTEEN. This wasn't even an exaggeration. How does this happen? Who am I?

And the best part is that I walked away with a grey-ish, clear one that was on clearance for a dollar. Oh, Lyds. Bless ya.

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  1. That's my good Browsey girl!!! Sorry, but I think you get that from me...Dad is always amazed at (and not in a good way!) my ability to wander around and look at EVERYTHING in the store, and focus on some random item that I really never even thought about needing...until that moment...there is just something I LOVE about it.

    I was SOO excited to see Tatum's face at the top of the blog!!! Yay!

  2. I want to see said picutre of you looking at Thermoses...just sayin' ;-)

    1. Emily, I think he deleted it! haha. Sorry!


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