Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tatum Style: Just Being a Diva.

This outfit was what T was initially wearing when I took her 2 month photos. She hated every second of her life that was spent in this outfit. Things started out pretty okay, but turned ugly fast. And like I mentioned in her 2 month post, she is super impatient, so that's no fun.

I love this jacket. "We are all made of stars."

From this... this. In 2 seconds flat. 

// hat: Cute Kid Couture on Etsy // jacket: 77 kids // jeans: 77 kids //

I mean...being a baby is really tough. Tatum knows.


  1. Aww, she looks so fashionable! Even through her tears.....haha!

  2. Replies
    1. : ) i love it! it has little flowers that can attach to the button.

  3. this little munchkin as the best big eyes! i'm falling in love xo


  4. such piercing and beautiful eyes this one!

  5. She is SO sweet! What a cutie!

    We were going to name our daughter Tatum, and after she was born my husband changed his mind and picked Avery. I loved both names, but Avery won out. Tatum is a GREAT name!

  6. Your daughters name is Tatum???
    I LOVE it!!! Okay funny story, when I worked at McLean Bible Church one of my bosses last name was Tatum, he was a previous retired army chaplain, come to find out he was stationed in Germany the year I was born (20+ years ago) and he knew my father. The cool thing about the story is that I am the only believer out of my family and Dr Tatum knew of a ministry that volunteered at the hospital I was born at who prayed over every military child that came out and I am 1 of 9 he knows that were born there that ended up working in full time ministry. So I told my husband if we ever have a girl we need to name her first or middle name Tatum :-)
    He is my "spiritual dad" :-)
    pretty neat story huh ;-)
    and ps she is GORGEOUS


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