Monday, October 31, 2011

An Embarrassing Halloween.

When I was little I thought it was so fun to help pass out the Halloween candy. I loved it. Probably because I felt like I was in charge or important or something like that. (I was kind of an obnoxious child.) (Kind of is an understatement.)


This one Halloween when I was about 7, I think, I was passing out the candy before we left to go Trick or Treating ourselves. My parents had a rule that we could only give one piece of candy per person. (In their defense, we lived in a super busy area of town and got TONS of trick or treaters. They weren't just cheap.) And I totally stuck to that rule...

So much so that when one little boy came to the door + I accidentally dropped two pieces of candy in his bag, I didn't hesitate to reach my hand back in and take one piece of candy from him. 
I remember feeling so stupid when I was in the process of doing it, but it was one of those "No turning back" type of situations. And I can still picture his face looking at me like I was crazy. 


  1. haha. i have a few of those moments like that. they have stuck with me over the years, and i continue to feel stupid whenever i think about them. :)

  2. Haha I love little embarrassing moments like this that years later pop up into your head at random moments like "hey, remember me? wasn't that such a stupid you did?"

    It's like yes, brain, I do remember, thanks so much...

    Haha. Anyway, I found your blog through the Great Blog Hop of 2011 and it's way adorable. Have a great Halloween!

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  4. Lol! Classic! At least you didn't pull your hand out with more than you put in the bag to start with! :):)

    Have a fab week, doll!

  5. I still have those moments.. the omg what am I doing when I'm in the process of already doing it o_o

  6. Poor back then, not cheap! (I'm just cheap now)

  7. deanna- oh, i def have more than just this one! haha. i'm such an awkward person...

    kerianne- yes, it's exactly like that! haha. : ) i'll be sure to check out your blog. thanks for stopping by and following, girl! : )

    leah- : )

    agroeper- haha, thank you! : )

    sarah- that is super true! phew. : )

    madison- oh, i totally have them ALL the time. sigh. haha.

    dad- haha. : )

  8. Hahaha! Little stuff like that totally embarrass me too. :)

    xo, Samantha

  9. hahaha, i can only imagine that little boys face of disappointment and confusion as you reached your hand back in there. poor kid. ;)
    xo TJ

  10. Haha, I would totally do that! Love the story and love your blog. New follower from the follwers fest!

  11. funny, new to your blog ... thanks for the giggle

  12. hahaha! hilarious. one time i made change in a tip jar in order to TIP the person and a security guard yelled at me! oops!

  13. ha ha ha!!! you took the candy back out of his bag!!!! LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF! So funny. ha ha ha. That's great.

  14. Hahaha! I think the obnoxious you would have been bffs with the totally obnoxious me!


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