Thursday, August 18, 2011

28 Weeks + Gestational Diabetes.

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. I was supposed to do the GD test, but my fasting blood sugar level was so high (146) they decided to just forego the test and diagnose me. Yayyyy. My doctor said he was actually very surprised. I have an appointment with a dietician on Monday. Last night, I was really stressed out about it. I was feeling super confused about what I can eat -VS- what I can't...I was just nervous about eating the wrong things + causing potential harm to Tatum. I just wanted someone to have made me a complete meal plan for the rest of pregnancy, so there would be no chance to fail.
I'm feeling much better about it today, though. I think I just needed some time to accept and process it.

I also had an ultrasound yesterday. I was so, so furious afterwards, because she gave us a picture of the baby's face, and it was terrible. You could barely see anything. I complained to Josh about it for a good five minutes, then he showed me that I was looking at it wrong. Awkward...Haha. I felt bad for getting so upset, especially since it's actually a really great little picture of her cute face.

{Hey, Arnold!}

I know sometimes these are really hard to see what's what (from experience, obviously), so I'll try to help: The first big curve on the left is her forehead...if you follow that bright line down, you get to the end of her nose, which sticks out just as far as her forehead. (Ask Josh how he feels about that.) Then, you can see both of her sleepy little eyes on either side of the nose.
I'm having a hard time with the lips. I'm not really sure they translated well to the photo. Unless they really are just that giant.

Oh, another thing I learned...I'm measuring 35 weeks! Weird. But the baby is still right on track. She's actually measuring a couple of days ahead, but the doctor said it's nothing worth changing due dates or anything. Fine by me! This momma still has lots to do. Lots.

We did purchase and set up her pack 'n' play yesterday, though! I was so excited to finally get something other than clothes. I've been having the hardest time deciding what we should buy and when.

{I put it together myself! So skilled, I know.}

Here's a couple of pictures of me and the growing little babe in the past week:

{27 weeks, some days.}

{27 weeks, some days.}

{27 weeks, some days.}

{28 weeks, 1 day.}


  1. wow...i am honestly surprised that they went ahead and diagnosed you. i passed with gage, but with owsley, my fasting level was 198! i went back the next week for the three hour test, and my results were normal. i would ask for a retest.

    my papa had passed away the week before, and we had been eating tons of sweets and desserts that were brought over, and i think that contributed to my high number. but who knows? yours might have been a fluke as well.

  2. Aw! I'm so excited for you! Its a crazy feeling once you start getting stuff ready for her! I'm still adjusting to it. I would look into retesting, I passed the first time, but Jess failed the first and passed the second. Weirdness.

    Oh and you are looking so sweet and cute!

  3. aw, dang about the GD. that kinda sucks. my friend had it with her daughter and she has such a sweet tooth and felt so deprived! you'll be okay though. and that's awesome that you went ahead and got the pac'n'play. i swear you won't even be using a crib for a few months. at least we didn't. it's so convenient to have the crib in random rooms with you or alongside your bed. good girl!

  4. I might have mentioned this already, but you have such a cute belly! I can see excitement in your pictures. :) I'm not sure what GD is, but it all sounds so interesting...though through it all, I wish for you the ultimate best. The baby picture is just another reality reminder that Tatum will be arriving soon! So awesome. :)

  5. I completely agree about the quick diagnosis. I would ask for another opinion. To me that sounds crazy. You could have just eaten something CRAZY that morning and had really high sugar happened to me once. Though, they didn't diagnose me. And since then, everything has always been fine.

    You have the prettiest face :)

  6. aw, she's gorgeous!

    plus, your shower curtain is really great.

  7. should get a second opinion before you stress yourself out dieting. Sigh, I'm sorry that you have to deal with that.

    On the upside, you look fantabulous. :)

  8. You are looking adorable :) Woo hoo! And as for the U/S That actually isn't a bad 2D pic. :) Her little profile is so cute and that isn't her lips being big, she has her hand next to her mouth. She is going to be adorable. One thing to keep in mind is that U/S is sound waves bouncing off of the contents of your uterus so it will put shadows in odd places where the sound waves can't reach.

    As for the diabetes... from the charting you did that I saw on FB your blood sugar levels are fine, so keep doing what you are doing! You are going to be fine, the biggest risk of GD is a BIG BABY, so just keep it in check and you and baby will be fine! :)

    I am kicking myself for just now seeing this post. I have been internetless and not feeling well lately. That's my excuse at least ;)

    You doing and looking great!

  9. Congrats!! You look SO great!!

  10. Thanks for all the sweet words, ladies! : )

    Amy, thanks for all the info about the U/S picture! Haha. Very helpful. : ) And the encouragement on the GD. I think I'm doing pretty okay so far. I had a class on it today, and it helped a lot!

  11. bahh!! you are so beautiful. wow, i can't believe how fast things are going. but, i'm glad things are going well!! <3


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