Saturday, June 11, 2011

18 Weeks + Growing Like a Weed.

I can't believe how much bigger I am compared to last week's photo. I feel so giant already...I can't even imagine how huge I'm going to be before this is over. (Loving that all the adjectives I just had to use to describe myself were bigger, giant, and huge. Awesome.)

The baby moves quite a bit now! Which is the best. It just feels so neat. In fact, he/she is moving as I type. It always makes me laugh a lot. I love it.

I've gained about 6 lbs, I think? But most of those have been gained since my last Dr. visit, which I'm really surprised about. Before I weighed myself the other day, I'd honestly thought I'd only maintained. I'm not sure if my weight gain is on track, too little, too much. I really don't know. My Dr. hasn't ever mentioned anything about weight gain to me. So, I guess we'll see if he says anything at my next appointment on Thursday.
That appointment is also the day we get to see our baby again, make sure everything is on track, and find out what we're having! So. Excited.

We FINALLY officially decided on a girl's name. And it ISN'T the one that I said might be "the one." Ha. It's actually a name that I've always really loved + never heard used (other than by a celebrity). I'd never mentioned it to Josh before, because I didn't think he'd like it. But the other night, I made a list, and it was on there. He said he really liked that one...and after some thought, it stuck.

Now...we just have to see which name will actually be used this time around. Share your opinion in the poll if you haven't already! :)



  1. Looks like your bump has moved more upright. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOURE HAVING.

  2. leah- I KNOW. it's such a mystery! i have no guess whatsoever anymore. i thought boy, for sure, for so long. and now, i'm just completely unsure. just a few more days of not knowing! yay! : )

  3. it's a boy. :)

    hah...actually i have no idea. but i can usually get a 'vibe' when someone is having a girl, and i'm not getting it from you. but boys are lots of fun anyway. :)

    and only 6 pounds? that's amazing. you can be my role model for if i ever get pregnant again.

  4. deanna- i'm totally fine with either. : ) in the beginning we were really wanting a boy, so i'm sure i'll be happy with that.

    whoa. being my role model's role model seems kinda crazy. but i'll take it should it happen. : )

  5. wow, your belly is way bigger then last week! crazy how it changes so fast! cant wait to hear the names you decide on!

  6. congrats! I can not wait till I find out what I'm having!! I love watching them bounce around during the ultrasounds.


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