Friday, June 3, 2011

17 weeks + Better Bump View.

Last night, I swear I felt my stomach growing. Not like the typical weird, inside stretching...but it felt like someone was inside me, pushing my stomach out as far as it could go. Well. I guess there kind of is someone doing that. But, you know what I mean. It was weird. And painful. 

I mentioned last post that I think I am maybe starting to feel baby. That maybe is leaning more towards a yes, but it's pretty infrequent. I really think it is the baby, though. I definitely feel little thumps and flips occasionally. And they are things I've never felt before in my life. So I'm thinking baby! I can't wait for it to start happening more often. 

Wanna know something funny? At the beginning of this pregnancy, I mentioned that we had our names picked out...they have both since changed. Ha. We changed our boy's first name + took the girl's middle name for the boy's instead. Then, we're kind of undecided on the girl's name. We heard a name and both really liked it, so now it's in the running. Top of the list even. Actually, when we first heard it, Josh really liked it, and I was like, "You're an idiot." Then, one day, it popped in my head and I've never stopped thinking about it. I think it may be the one. haha.

Remember how I said that we kinda/maybe/sorta want a boy? And we really think it's a boy? Well, in the past couple of weeks, I've been getting weird feelings that it's a girl. Either way, I'll be right. (ha.) But, it's really weird. Because, for a few months now, I've just thought boy. Never doubted it. And all of a sudden, I'm occasionally getting strong girl feelings. I think it's maybe me realizing that I don't really care what it is either way. :)

Which reminds me! We'll be finding out what this little human is in 13 days! I. Cannot. Wait.
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  1. Go with your gut... we were CERTAIN it was a boy. then, the week of the ultrasound, i doubted it.. "there's no way we're really going to get what we want!" we did. and i was right all along.

    either way, to me, that bump looks like a dude :)

  2. you will be excited either way!!
    when is your due date? i think your about as far along as my sister :)

  3. it looks like you're carrying low. BOY.
    and your tum is the cutest ever.

  4. You are so adorable! And I totally voted girl:)


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