Saturday, April 30, 2011

{BABYFACE} Week 12!

Behind on posting this, once again! I actually move up a week every Wednesday. In case anyone was interested. : ) I know it's still early, but I can't help but think how fast it's going by already! It's seriously unbelievable. I think I may have mentioned this last time, but it seriously is. I love it. I'm so ready to be in my 2nd trimester! And I will be before I know it.

I can't wait until my next ultrasound. I really want to see that little baby! Even though I know I am pregnant, seeing the baby just makes everything feel much more real, and it also makes me feel more secure. Even though we didn't get to see the baby at my appointment on Thursday...we did get to hear it! It was super neat. The heart rate was at about 160. It was real exciting. : )

I am currently sick, which really sucks. I can barely talk, and when I do I sound either like a man/small child/can only whisper. And my nose is totally stopped up. LAAAME. I just want it to be gone. On a happier note, I haven't experienced any pregnancy sickness since Wednesday. Which is really great. Hopefully it's on its way out! Keep your fingers crossed.


By the way, my family is currently going through a bit of a tough time. I would really love it if you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers! It would definitely be appreciated. Thank you so much! xo.


  1. Totally praying for you girl. On the flip side I'm so stoked for you as well!

  2. I totally agree with you! You know it's in there, but when you get to see/hear it, it makes it that much more real! Congratulations if I never said it!!

  3. congratulations! what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance i would love for you to check out my blog and give me some of your opinions on it! i would really appreciate it! :)

    follow me?

  4. So happy for you that you are in the 2nd trimester. You will enjoy this next 3 months.

    I am really sorry that your fam is going through a rough patch. You are in my thoughts.

  5. how exciting! and for sure baby girl, definitely praying for you & your fam!

  6. Of course I'll keep you and your family in my mind... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys that everything works out the best!!

    So exciting to experience the growing of your little baby. Do you have a nickname already? Two friends of mine called their babies (while still unborn) 'Mary' and 'Johnny' ... so funny. :)

    Get very well soon. XO.

  7. fun baby updates! i like the fruit comparisons. what a happy time for you! hope you can start feeling better! <3


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