Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{BABYFACE} Week 10!

First of all! Thank you to everyone who has given their love and congratulations. It means the most. :)

My kid is a fetus now. (I'm pretty sure it has been for a week, but whatever.) Congratulations, kid. I don't really have a special cutesy nickname for the baby...yet, hence me calling it "kid." I don't really feel like calling it "the birdie" or "peanut" or something like that. Because that's what everyone does. And I'm always so totally original, obviously. And it also doesn't really feel like it fits for me or this baby. More than once I've ever so lovingly referred to the baby as "my little parasite." But for some reason I don't think that one's going to be a big hit. I've thought about calling it "Baby Beluga" or "Baby Whale." (Josh and I call each other both of those, minus the baby. I like beluga whales.) But somehow, it feels like people might find it mildly insulting....and let's face it, by the time this is over, there's only going to be one "whale." ...And that's Josh.


My symptoms have been super fun. (I'll spare you the real gory details, though.) Basically, I've had morning sickness/nausea since week five, but it's started to die down, which is really great. I still have a ton of food aversions and if people even talk about food it makes me really mad and makes me want to die/throw up. I'm pretty much always super tired. And my hips are already spreading which feels really great and is also causing one of my legs to be significantly shorter than the other. I think that's basically it on the symptom front, though. It's better than a lot of ladies have it, so for that I am thankful.


We already have our names picked out. I've had the girl name chosen since before Josh and I were even together. Our boy name was more difficult, but we finally agreed on something we both really love a few weeks ago.

Okay. Cool.


  1. You could/should change the name for each object it becomes the size of. Like for right now you could call it pruney.

    Also, I'm going to need proof of the size discrepancy in your legs. Picture, please.

    When are you guys moving? To STL area right?

    Love you and lil Pruney!

  2. just wait until the pregnancy hormones start to kick in. funnnnnn (if you like crying in public over stupid stuff...) ;)

  3. allie, i totally forgot to mention those! i'm definitely experiencing them. but i was already a MAJOR crier. i can tell they are affecting me more, though. haha. :)

  4. Dude - you're gonna cry at even happy stuff. Or stuff that doesn't even require an action. It gets really embarrassing.

    I'm glad the nausea is letting up. Cereal in ice cold milk was my go to food. Try it. It might be what you're looking for.

    I didn't have a cute name. I called it my baby. I'm not a cutesie name kinda person.

    Did I mention I'm excited!?

  5. love your blog. happy i found it :)

  6. I can't wait until you tell us the names... I bet they're beautiful.
    Baby Beluga, that's sooo cute. Haha. :)


  7. Oh man. CONGRATS! And I feel ya. I wanted to punch Michael everytime I heard him crunching on pretzels... really? PRETZELS make me wanna puke?

    Jess suggested cold milk and cereal to me, and that was a godsend. It helped me get through the first couple weeks.

  8. I never had nick names for my babies... I usually just named them once I found out their sex and that is what I called them :) Lindsey and Brendan from the get go. :)

    I'm so excited for you.

    Sorry you are suffering the food adversions. I had them with both of my pregnancies, but not with this one yet. Smells are just overpowering, but nothing making me want to get sick or anything.

    Looking forward to more updates and of course belly pics when your belly pops out! :) yay! Fun times ahead!

  9. Very cute blog. And congratulations! Time is going to go by so quick and next thing you know instead of being just 10 weeks, the baby will be 10 years old. :)

    Enjoy all the moments!



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