Sunday, January 23, 2011

the road to san francisco.

this trip was CUH-RAZY. we're talking 36 straight hours-in the car-kinda crazy. WAIT. 36 straight hours-in the car-with a dog-kinda crazy. there, that's better/more accurate. seriously, guys. it was rough. josh and i totally love each other and are complete BFFs, but i'd be lying if i said there wasn't a time when we wanted to kill the other. And we totally love Stella, but when a guy offered $50 for her...I may have had to think about it. (i'm totally kidding about that, btw.)

All sort of kidding aside, the roadtrip was actually pretty okay. I can't believe how much I slept. And I actually drove a bit! Originally, we were going to stop when we got to Vegas, and stay a night. But I decided I would rather push through and just get here. So, in order to do that, I had to help drive. Which I was totally fine with, but at times it was kind of nerve wracking. There was like an hour, where I seriously felt like I was practicing for a Nascar race.

{some diner by this gas station we stopped at}

{giant pickle from said gas station}

{my own personal blues brother. aww...NOT}

It was the longest car ride ever. EV. ER. but it was definitely worth it! I am in love with San Francisco so far. And I've barely seen it. It's just so beautiful. And I love the vibe I get from the city.

♡ ♡ ♡


  1. These are gorgeous pics! I hope you enjoy San Fran!

  2. awwww! I'm so happy you are getting to see these wonderful places! The pictures are gorgeous!

  3. deng. i am sooo jealous of you right now. i am sending you an e-mail right when i finish posting this comment. this looks like so much fun. so whimsical and spontaneous -- i love it! can't wait to do this when i have a hubby.

  4. LOL forever at the giant pickle! This is all bloody fantastic :)

  5. I LOVE that you guys just woke up and decided to drive to San Francisco. Lovely pics! Have a ball!

  6. what kind of place gives you a giant pickle in a bag? how awesome!!!!!!! once my friends and i went to a diner and just ordered giant pickles. we tipped generously. lol


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