Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{makeover} monday: a day late.

"Rockabilly." Gosh, I hate that word. Earlier tonight, I didn't think I did. But I have now decided that I do. It just sounds...less than cute. But I suppose it is how I'd best describe this look.
ANYWAYS. I recently decided that I really want to start branching out--trying new styles, new looks. So I decided a fun way to do that would be to each week share one new look with all of you...sort of to hold me accountable. This week originally started out as a "60s Look." But then I didn't have enough bobby pins, so this happened!

First, I did my makeup. And when I was done I was kind of like, "DAAYYYUUM, GIRL." Just kidding. But I did think that I looked quite pretty. Then, I did my hair. And I was like, "Okay, okay." But then I had to go show Josh, and I was actually nervous. This was way more extreme than what I, or anyone else who knows me, would be used to. And I was afraid he'd be all, "Lyds. You're a goof." But it actually went more like this:

Lyds: Dun-dun-da-dun! PRESENTING LYDIA! 
(yes, i am this dramatic.)

Josh: BABY! You look so pretty! Awww, Baby.
(he is nice.)

Stella: ~lots of growling + barking~
(she is scary.)

So, it turned out that it wasn't my imagination...and I really did pull this look off. It's probably not something I would do all the time, just because it's not really something that I would want to use as an everyday kind of look. That...and my dog is afraid of me and has no idea who I am when I look like this. But it's definitely a look that I can see myself going back to every now and again. 

{i know all of the pictures are of my profile...just go with it.}

I couldn't get a decent picture of me from the front, soo. But if you can't tell, I went with the "pompadour" style. It was big. And cute!

{vintage pumps}

As far as my clothes go, you'll have to use your imagination a bit. I forgot to take outfit photos. So...just imagine me in those cute vintage pumps, super dark wash skinny jeans, a navy blue and white striped v-neck, and a black leather jacket. Got it? Don't I look AWESOME? :)

This was fun. I'm excited for next time!


  1. holy freaking cute! your makeup! and hair! AND THOSE SHOES! i think its such a great idea what you are doing. i get sooo bored with the same look every day! i might just have to try something new because of you! :)

  2. cute shoes!!♥ Love them!!! I'm not a fan of that word either, but why do we even have to put a name to our looks! xoxo

  3. oohhh i LOVE those shoes. and from what i can tell, your hair looks awesome!

  4. I love everything about this! It looks so cute! And, using my best imaginative skills, I've pictured your outfit and it's definitely looking good in my mind. :)
    I actually do this a lot for my own look when I'm going out. I just like it a lot. Hahah.

  5. love this look! The outfit sounds very cute too!

  6. I'm excited for next time too! You're so pretty, lyd.

  7. how adorable! and what a great idea!!
    your eyeliner looks AWESOME! very audrey hepburn.

  8. I'm totally jeals of your eye makeup. Lately I've been trying to perfect my cat eyes but I'm not quite there yet. My hand isn't too still and at times it comes out uneven. :/ Maybe one day I'll get it.

    ♥ Grace

  9. You look sooo gorgeous!

    And those vintage pumps are adorable!

  10. so pretty! i love this idea and i'm totally looking forward to the next style!

  11. HOT! I wish I could do my make-up like that!

  12. oh man! i love rockabilly! the clothes are just so darn expensive though :/


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