Friday, January 14, 2011

freaky friday: weimaraners.

this first week of "freaky friday" is brought to you by weimaraners. i am NOT okay with them. and if they happen to be your favorite dog of all time, i am sorry, but to that all i have to say is, "WHY."
i've come to the conclusion that this may have something to do with the fact that, for whatever reason, people seem to really enjoy dressing these particular dogs as humans. so, maybe i'm not freaked out by weimaraners, but weimaraner lovers. hmm.

{exhibit a}

{exhibit b}

{exhibit c}


  1. i have always hated william wegman's work. it makes my eyes bleed! yuck yuck yuck. this girl in school emulated his work and all i wanted to do was punch her.

  2. haha, i honestly had no idea who these were by.
    but i want to punch them both! :)

  3. i used to be obsessed with william wegman's work. it's like morbid fascination!

  4. Haha!! oh my gosh...poor dogs!

    weiner dogs always make me feel sad for some reason. maybe cuz they're so pathetic looking?

  5. So creepy! I was going to say the 2nd picture was the scariest, but then I scrolled down and saw the third. Wigs on dogs? nooooo!

  6. haha. i love weimaraners. i want one so bad. i, however, will not be drssing mine as humans. maybe a stlish collar, but it stops there for me.

    these images are nostalgic for me though! they remind me of watching sesame street! haha. its funny how different people make different connections. i can see how they'd be creepy.

  7. jess- morbid, indeed! haha.

    eva- i have a "weiner dog." and i know what you mean! haha. i call her "ol sad eyes" all the time. :)

    ashley- i know! there's one somewhere of them as that old farm couple. you know? but i couldn't find it!

    anna- i'm sure your weimaraners will be just adorable! haha. :)

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaws, those weimaraners are so cute!!! :D :D

    Such a cool post B)

  9. remember those segments on sesame street? totally freaked me out as a kid. the family i nanny for has a weimaraner and he is the most annoying dog. yuck.

  10. You all are nuts! Wegman is a genius.


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