Saturday, December 4, 2010

a friendly holiday.

Last Saturday my friends and I decided to have a little Thanksgiving get together of our own. It was tons of fun! And I was really happy to see everyone. Sometimes it's hard living so far away, because I don't have any friends here in Springfield, as lame as that is. I have a couple, but everyone is just so busy! So it was nice to just have some time to hang out with my friends back home. I love them. :)

{emma and rosie}

{jason and emma}

For the dinner I made mashed potatoes (um, disaster) and baked macaroni and cheese (not a total disaster, but we shouldn't have kept it warm in the oven). My mom sent rolls and a pumpkin pie my grandma made, which was everyone's favorite. It was my first time to ever cook anything from scratch. So I can't hate on myself too much. But it was really neat to actually cook! I even learned some official cooking lingo. Now, I have this new goal to learn to cook really well.

{zach and rosie}


Josh Boyer and Jason cooked a ham (sort of) and Josh B. bought these giant marshmallows I asked him to buy. True friend! Seriously, these marshmallows are HUGE. They're specifically for roasting, but I just wanted them because I thought they were cute and funny. We didn't even really use them, except to blow up in the microwave to see how big they would get. Oh, and then Jason and I made Josh B. take the biggest bite he could. We're awesome.

{preparing marshmallow}

The rest of the time was spent sitting around just hanging and watching funny videos on Youtube. I love my sweet friends.

{best. picture. ever.}

{josh boyer}

{family photo}

{josh and jason have the cutest ovens ever!}

Yay for friend time!



  1. LOVE THIS. Seems like such an idyllic time with "family".

  2. i'm in springfield! i'm about to be on break so we need to make plans over break for sure :)

  3. Those ovens are to die for!!!!! gah!!!

  4. that sounds like a fun thanksgiving! we had friends over tonight for dinner, and i truly prefer staying in with friends than going out anyday!

  5. What an awesome evening! My husband and I hosted a friends Thanksgiving years ago, and it was SO much fun!

  6. hey whatchu talkin bout girl?! i'm in sprangfeld. email me and let's get together!

  7. The family photo is my favorite. Oh joshy.


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