Sunday, December 12, 2010

attempting bokeh.

jess always takes these really beautiful bokeh style photos. and i love them! so last night, i decided to attempt to take my own. um, i have no idea what i'm doing. :)


  1. thats at least ten billion percent better than the ones ive been trying to do all day! how come i feel like im the only one who thinks learning this dumb camera is HARD WORK! maybe im just not cut out to shoot in manual!
    i really like the forth one! gooood job!

  2. oh, you're totally not alone, jill!
    i think it's super difficult, too.

  3. those turned out pretty dang good! what lens/settings did you use!

  4. i'm pretty sure i just had it on manual? and i used my 18-55mm lens. :)

  5. is that what they're called when they're super blurry? i love it.

  6. yeah, i guess so!
    i'm not sure if the picture HAS to be blurry.
    but i'm assuming. haha.


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