Sunday, November 7, 2010

++best week ever++

01. i had my final meeting this week at the system (paul mitchell). tomorrow is actually "orientation day." to say that i am nervous would be an understatement, but to say that i am excited would be an even BIGGER one. wish me luck!

02. i bought a few books a couple of days ago, and a couple of them were self-help/advice/tips kind of books. i honestly didn't even realize til i'd made the purchase. i just bought them because i like the authors. (excluding bethenny frankel, but only because i know nothing about her. perhaps she's a delight.) but so far, they are all such great reads. i've finished two of them, and am now reading the other two. the information i'm taking in is seriously great and you better believe i am applying it all to my life. immediately. to see my purchases, click here. 

03. i feel like i'm starting to get back to my old self, the real me, and i'm beginning to grow. when i was with my ex-boyfriend, i completely lost sight of who i was, and basically threw everything away. and i just gave up on ME. but i feel like in just this past week, so much has already started flooding back to me.

04. i won $65 in a poker tournament. it was great. that's actually how i bought those books. : )

05. this week i found out my dad has type 2 diabetes. he's working on changing his diet and reversing this! thoughts and prayers are accepted and appreciated. 

06. i can't wait to visit family + friends for thanksgiving. i miss everyone so much! and i just really like thanksgiving. 

07. i found this AWESOME tutorial, via michelle phan. you have to see! if you like doing those pore strips things, then this is for you. this DIY is so simple, so cheap. i can't wait to try it. click here, to check it out.

♡ ♡ ♡


  1. What a positive post! I bumped into an ex of mine this week and remembered what a shell I was when I was with him. It just made me appreciate the lovely guy I'm with now. x

  2. That tutorial was so interesting, Jello and Milk..hmm.
    I am praying for your dad! AND let us know how Paul Mitchell went!!

  3. love that picture of you! your dads is in my thoughts and 65 bucks + new books? Yaaaay!

  4. I love your eye make-up in that photo


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