Sunday, September 26, 2010

weekend visitors.

This weekend my little sister Tori and her friend, whom I would now also like to consider my friend, Sarah came to stay with Josh and I. It has been quite the experience. First of all, they left home for Springfield at about 4, so they should've gotten here at around 7:30ish. Somehow they actually made it here about forty minutes earlier, but managed to not be able to find our apartment until almost 10 pm. Oh, silly girls.
Tori has now declared that she will never live here.

Saturday morning AKA Saturday afternoon, Tori told me to wake up or they were going to eat breakfast without me. When she told me that I didn't really have to get up, I simply said, "Hello, I'm not missing out on food..." Umm. SERIOUSLY. just kidding, but I really like IHOP, okay?
So we ate our late breakfast and then met Sarah's friend, Shawn, to go to the zoo. You guys. I have never driven here. I's pathetic. But somehow, I played navigator really well. I found the zoo that we ended up at, and even the one we didn't even want to go to! I'm impressive. Shrug.

We went to this thing called Wild Animal Safari. You can either ride through on a bus (ew) or drive yourself. We picked the obvious choice. So off we went with our animal feed. At least, me and Sarah did. We were the only ones who wanted to feed the animals. (We're adventurous.) The animals on the drive-thru part were deer, cows, sheep, llamas, emu, pigs, bulls, donkeys, zebras, and zedonks. Things like that. It's super fun and also slightly terrifying.


1. Sarah's entire bag of feed was stolen out of her lap by a big deer thing that stuck his head in the car. He then proceeded to eat the entire thing, bag and all. 

2. At one point Tori was hanging out of the sunroof. While I had my back to my window, yelling at her, an emu stuck his head in. So scary. They look like bird dinosaurs.

3. There was a point where a lot, A LOT, of donkeys surrounded the car. Two were poking their heads in Sarah's window, and two in mine. I was getting pretty scared, so I told Sarah to start driving. The donkeys on my side started running with the car, right beside the car. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

It might not sound like a big deal, but when you have gigantic heads, with really toothy grins, being shoved in your's pretty scary. But also really fun and neat! :) 


p.s. the best part of all was when we did the walk-thru part and i was oh so close to four baby piglets. i have never been more in love. (sorry, josh! just kidding, they are totally a close second.) when josh and i go back, and he sees them...he will not be able to resist getting us a piglet someday. 

p.s.s. i really wish i had more pictures to share! i'm working on acquiring a really wonderful camera.


  1. that seriously looks like an awesome time!

  2. i laughed sooooo hard when reading this post. that is hilarious!!!! glad you had such a great time!

  3. that looks like so much fun, but I'm not gonna lie, I probably would have FREAKED OUT about animals sticking their heads into the car!!

  4. jess, it totally is! you and wyatt obviously need to come visit and we're going. :)

    danielle, it was seriously the funniest time. you should go! if you haven't already.

    CAPow, oh, i totally did! there were times when i was like, losing it. but it was so fun!

  5. Oh my great stories! I need to go to one of these things! Sounds like a ton of laughs!

  6. Lydia! You MUST go to the Dickerson Park Zoo, our REAL zoo! That Wild Animal Safari place is pretty sketchy, they just buy their animals from weirdos! BUT it's still fun, hahaha.


  7. sounds fun!

    and, okay, slightly terrifying :).

  8. abby: it did seem pretty sketchy, haha. but fun still! we were going to go to dickerson park, but my sister and her friend decided on this instead.

    but josh and i want to do both!

  9. what fun! i love the zoo.
    that's hilarious that the donkey's ran beside your car!!

  10. We have an Animal Safari thing nearby and I've always wanted to go!

    LOL at that thing sticking its head in your car. I would have FLIPPED out haha.

  11. "they look like bird dinosaurs..." LMAO. you are hilarious and these pictures are awesome! really makes me wish we had a place similar to this here.

  12. liz, you should go!

    allie, THEY DO. haha. :)

  13. You definitely didn't have permission to steal those pictures from me.


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