Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Mary and Max."

As I was watching this movie I decided to take a bunch of screen captures, because I just knew, only five minutes into it, that I was going to want to share it with you. Personally, if it were me the images alone would make me want to watch the movie, but since you are not me I will tell you a bit more about the movie.

Mary is a little girl living in Australia. She's chubby, has a weird birthmark, a dead bird obsessed father, and a drunk for a mother. She also has a pet rooster named Ethel and a neighbor who is afraid to come outside. One day Mary is at the post office with her mother, and she has this nagging question, so she decides to write to someone in America to find out the answer.
Enter: Max. Max is a forty-something man living alone in an apartment in New York City. He has a blind neighbor named Ivy, who brings him soup. He loves chocolate and always plays the lottery. He has lots of pets. He has a very honest, tell it like it is, no holding back personality. He is also very panicky and suffers from major anxiety attacks. 
Over the course of two decades, Mary and Max become best friends. And that is that.

There is so much more to this movie than what is listed above and I really, really urge you to watch it. It made me cry numerous times. It was very funny and deep. The end of the movie had me "on the edge of my seat." You just really need to watch it. If you do, tell me! Oh, and if you have seen this adorable film...What did you think!


p.s. this movie is on instaplay on Netflix for those of you who have it! : )
p.p.s. this is not, i repeat NOT, a children's movie. yes, it is a claymation...but a grown-up one. : )


  1. Must. See.
    Thank you for this post--sorry to creepily comment on every post. I will take a break now, SWEAR.

  2. haha, i totally don't think it's creepy!
    i love comments. : )
    have you seen it!

  3. This sounds amazing! I've been down the whole anxiety/panic attack route, and it sucks. It would be interesting to see it portrayed like this.

  4. miss wendy, as have i!
    it was very well portrayed in this movie.
    and we eventually come to find out what exactly is making max behave this way.
    totally heartbreaking/touching.

  5. Look at these little guys!! Adorable!

  6. I MUST watch this! Thanks for the rec, darling.

  7. I love this movie! In my top 10 for sure!

  8. this movie looks interesting. reminds me a bit of coraline.
    perhaps i will watch it! :)

  9. you really should!
    i hope you all enjoy it. : )

  10. I'm glad to hear it's good! I have had it in my Netflix instant play for a while but haven't watched it yet!

    Thanks for the recommendation!


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