Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Involved! You'll Be Happy You Did.

Recently in the blogging world I have come across a few causes that are really dear to my heart. I decided to do a blog post about them to share with you guys what they are, and how you can help! Keep in mind, if you can't help financially at this time you can always blog or share on twitter about it. Helping to spread the word is just as important! You could also create something and sell that to help raise awareness and money. So many fun ideas!

1. The first blogger working towards a really amazing cause is Jodi. I've never read her blog before today, but thanks to Celeste at Wanderlust sharing about Jodi's story, I do now. And I love it! This girl is incredible! Hello, she turned down going to NYU this fall to go to Uttar Pradesh, India. She's going to spend an entire year there changing lives. A year! She's stepping out of her comfort zone and turning this dream into a reality. She's really doing it! I have so much admiration and respect for this girl. On her page you will find a link, where you can go to make a donation towards her efforts. Even $1! 

The story of charity: water - The 2009 September Campaign Trailer from charity: water on Vimeo.

2. Melissa of 4 Ladies and a Patient Man blogged about this cause a few days ago. This is one that really, truly breaks my heart. Something so simple as CLEAN WATER, something I take for granted every single blessed day, is something that in other places....families LONG for. That is unreal. That should not be a reality. $1 gives someone clean water for a year. A simple dollar. An entire year. After visiting Melissa's page I decided to go to the charity:water website and learn a little more. I watched their videos and learned how I could get involved. Now I have an idea, a plan. I'll be blogging about this extensively in a few days. I'm very excited about it! Visit the website to make a donation and to find out how else you can become a part of this amazing thing they're doing.

3. I love this one. : ) What Janel and her husband are doing here is such a beautiful thing. Adopting a child, giving a child a mother, father, a family. So beautiful and wonderful! But it comes along with a pretty hefty price (worth it!) Just to start the adoption process alone, they need to raise $5000. That's a lot of dollars, but there are so many things you can do to help make this help bring Pita homa! Lindsay has created the most adorable badges that you can purchase to show your love for Pita. Janel hosted a fun "Journaling For a Cause" class, which is obviously closed now, but maybe she'll do something like that again soon. It's such a cute, fun class! You can also make a donation to her via her blog page. (Just click the donate now button in the upper left corner!) And again, if you are not financially in a place where you are able to donate, just blog or tell your friends about it!

Again, these are all such amazing causes, and I hope you'll look into each of them. Not only will you be making these people in need happy, but yourself in the process. It feels so good to help others out in a time of need. Maybe you'll even inspire others to help out, too! How great is that? Goodness. I feel so excited writing this post, and thinking about what I can do to help. 

Do you have any ideas? Any causes you feel particularly strongly about? Tell me! : )



  1. /tear!! You are awesome for this post!! My heart has been over-joyed lately with all the amazing bloggers out there giving and spreading the word for these amazing causes. thank you for posting this. love love love!

  2. I think
    I just found a lovely blog
    like it
    visit mine :D

  3. You really just inspired me.. I've been toying with the idea of starting a stationary/card store on etsy - and now I think some of the motivation can come from donating the profits!

  4. you have a big heart and that makes me wish i did more.
    your an inspiration!

  5. What a really inspirational post. I think that by posting stuff like this we are in one way or another able to help out by raising awareness.

  6. This is so inspiring and motivating to get people out there and doing something more active for those who need more help etc. I know every comment on this post says "inspiring", but really it's a beautiful thing you're doing in trying to get people doing more for others(:

  7. YES, i love this post.

    kiva is my favorite charity of all time. it is a microlending charity all over the world to people trying to start businesses--it gets them on their feet and then as thehy start making money, they pay you back and you can relend the money. AMAZING


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