Monday, August 16, 2010

color me...?

Recently I've been desperately wanting a change to my hair. It is currently a faded, weird, red-brown color, of which I'm truly not a fan. It's boring and really drab. I have three color options that I'm looking into, and I just can't decide which one to choose! So I thought I would enlist the help of my lovely readers. : )

Option #1: Red!...I love red hair to pieces and pieces. It's one of my favorite looks, but it's also the one I've stuck with for a long time now. So I'm not sure if I should do it again, or if it's time to move on. (Just FYI, I wouldn't actually do the super vibrant Ariel red. She's just my favorite red haired girl!)

Option #2: Brunette!...Another go-to style for me. Brunette was actually the first drastic color change I made to my hair. I really like my hair this color, but again, I'm not sure if I should stick with it or not.

Option #3: Blonde!...The third option is to go back to my roots! Those of you who saw my childhood photos the other day know that I was quite the blonde when I was a little one. I have no desire to go to a platinum blonde color, but I love colors like the Olsens have in the photo above! This is actually the color I'm most nervous to try. I haven't been a blonde in years and I'm terrified. Funny, since it's what I was meant to be. Hmm.

What do you all think? Red, Brunette, Blonde? Tell me your opinions!


P.S. What's your favorite hair color in general?


  1. My natural colour is this horrid ash-brown so when my roots come in, it looks like I have grey hair. I have a really rosy complexion as well, so I can't have my hair red or it looks like I'm on fire. LAME.

    I think the red would be gorgeous. It'll be perfect for autumn :)

  2. aww! i think your dark hair is lovely, tho! : )

    red would definitely be great for the autumn season. so true! thanks, girl.

  3. I lovelovelove red hair!! I really wish I could pull it off *sadface*
    I think you should take the plunge and go blonde. Maybe like a dirty blonde. I'm about to dye my hair too. Mine's naturally SUPER dark brown, so I'm going to try a cute caramel color. And if it turns out like crap then I'm going with a deep reddish/plum color.
    I can't wait to see how our hair turns out!! :]
    xo. M

  4. i absolutely love red :)
    but i would go Hayley Williams red from Paramore...:D
    but that's just me.
    My hair was blonde...natural vibes...haha.
    then it went red, but not Paramore red, then it went plum...then it went black for 6 years!!! Now, only NOW, am I beginning the stages of going back to a natural hair hair is still black, but it has highlights in it, and every 4 months I have to go back for more...I would go blonde straight away, but then my hair will either fall out or I will end up with a tumbleweed for a head of hair...meh.

    red is awesome :)
    but I bet you would look awesome with any hair colour!


  5. Red is the most amazing colour! I just hate how much maitainence it takes to keep it looking good. I'd say red, or take the plunge and go blonde!

  6. miss peregrin, i totally agree! it takes so, so much work. which is why my hair is currently the color it is...because i get so lazy! haha. : (

    scout, you are seriously the sweetest little thing! :)

    mandy, dirty blonde is totally what i was thinking! not like, too dirty. but you know! : ) haha. i think a caramel color would be absolutely stunning on you, girl.


  7. Red hair is my absolute favorite thing in the world, so I'm a little biased, honey.
    I think you'll look stunning with whatever color you choose, but personally, I think brunette would truly make you look glorious.

    Good luck, my dear! x
    Much Love,
    Norah xxx

  8. that red is amazing! So much better than ariel's bright color ;)

  9. I will say this - red and blond are very hard to keep up with. So it depends on how much work you want to put into it.

    I'm a big fan of red though. Or at least brunette with red undertones.

  10. Whoever said blonds have more fun OBVIOUSLY never met a ginger. Red hair is crazy cool! Brighten up that red. That's my vote. :)

  11. Hmmm..How bout bronde? A cross between blonde and brown? I think J-Lo is sporting the color. I think blonde would look good on you. =)

  12. I think red would do you justice!


  13. I love red hair, the problem which you probably already know is that reds tend to fade. Blonde is great for summer, for autumn maybe go for a blend of blonde and brunette. my two-cents worth

  14. blonde.

    and also, i had no way of getting back to you about the whole bristol palin thing... but yes! i agree with you! the first time i saw that commercial i was like, "okay awesome. so she's saying that it's really hard not being a vice-presidential candidate's daughter."

    i actually used to live in wasilla, alaska (where they're from) and before all this controversy, they were like royalty up there. but we didn't really care because we weren't born and raised there.

  15. I say go with red!! I have been aching to dye my hair red and when I saw this post I jumped with joy!! Sending you a hug!! And please do post what you decide! xo

  16. well, i frequentley change between so many different colors (i'm a cosmotologist. i can't stick with one color for too long.) right now i'm rockin' red and LOVING it. but, blonde is always fun too. i admire brunettes. that's the color i like on me the least but i think its such a beautiful color!
    i say if its been the longest since you've been blonde, try that for awhile.

  17. I mean, all of thse women have great hair- i'd take it all! :)

  18. Am I too later to weigh in?!?! I think a pretty dark red would look BEAUTIFUL on you. I have naturally red hair but I've always been more in love with that out of a box color. Silly, right?

  19. Red all the way!!!!! I wish I could have red hair - I look weird with it lol

  20. Personally I think Brunette. :) But I'm biased. <3


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