Sunday, August 22, 2010


um, BLOGGER. WHAT UP? why you gotta try to keep me within these teensy tiny boundaries on the new template designer? i'm over it. totally not a fan.

no xo.


  1. ugh. i am not a fan of blogger pushing my widgets so far a part. i can't figure it out. why couldn't they leave things be? GEEEEZ!

  2. i know! girls, i can't even handle it. haha.
    i feel like it makes my whole page look so goofy!
    i really need a blog makeover. : (

  3. I know what you mean. I had a layout using the new template designer for a while and I couldn't even handle it. I was like omg there is so much I CAN'T do! *switch*

  4. you make me smile (AND lol)


  5. hahaha!! I am having issues with loading pics on blogger... not fun... :( oh and they screw up my spacing too :(

  6. I hate the new profile editor so I am sticking with my 3 column layout... not even messing with it.

  7. oh, goodness no! rachel, never. haha. : )
    i'm just saying i dislike it a lot.
    and i want to get a blog makeover done asap, so that it's no longer an issue to me. : )

  8. This post made me laugh! :)
    Lydia, did you know you can go back to the old templates?
    I understand your frustrations. It took me forever to adjust mine just the right way. Blogger seems to have so many more glitches now too.

  9. To switch back to the old templates you go to Design, Edit Html, and scroll to the bottom of that page. It says, Old Templates and you click on Select Layout Template. It comes up with Minima and Stretch Minima and all of those previous options.
    To change colors I think you still might have to use the new template designer but at least you can get the old look without all the glitches.
    Hope this helps Lydia! (and you can always switch back.)


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