Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1: The Results.

This morning Josh and I got up bright and early, grabbed some breakfast, and headed over to Cape.
First of all we stopped and picked up a paper, the Southeast Missourian.
I grabbed a pen, prepared to circle anything that sounded interesting.
There were many, many apartment/home rentals listed in the classifieds.
Sadly, the bulk of them contained the two dreaded words...
And those that didn't, we were informed upon phone calls, didn't allow pets, either.
There were three places we couldn't get ahold of, but the addresses were in the classifieds so we explored and found them and then threw up everywhere.
We didn't really.
But they were so horrible.
That sounds mean, but at one point, Josh was like, "Okay, this one should be the third house down."
And I got so excited because I counted three "houses" down and saw this adorable little yellow place.
Sadly, the building that I skipped over, thinking it merely a shed, was actually the third house down.
So that's basically what our day was like.

We did find one place.
It's beautiful.
I was totally in love with it.
And they allow pets!
The only problem?
The rent was $900 a month.
I'll be honest, that's not exactly in our budget.
Josh said that we could make it happen, but it would be a stretch probably.
So basically we can get that one, but we'll need a roommate.
And I can't believe it, but I'm actually considering it!
It's either a roommate, or get rid of Swarley.
Well, that's how it feels right now.
And right now the roommate thing doesn't sound so bad.
I can't really handle the idea of getting rid of Swarls...

So we're going back in a couple of days to try our luck again.
If you could, I'd really, really love it if you guys could keep us in your thoughts, prayers, or send us some well wishes.
It'd mean the world to me!



  1. perfect-home-finding-vibes are coming your way from me.

  2. Will pray for you! I know how hard it is to find a place that allows pets. I went 2 years without getting a cat (we tend to move once a year so far!) and this third place finally let us get a cat.

    Hope you find a pretty place! :)

  3. What a shame love, house-hunting sucks sometimes! Hope everything goes a bit better for you x

  4. i'm so sorry you're having such a hard time, but don't give up, i'm sure something will work out. people sort of gave chris and i a hard time because we rented (a house from his aunt that really wasn't so nice) for about 7 years before we finally bought our house, but the way i look at it, there is something meant for you, you just have to wait for it!

  5. our place won't allow pets either :( most places that do are pretty expensive so i will def be thinking of you guys! i hope you find a place soon.

  6. will definitely be praying for you guys. something that you LOVE is waiting to come up! :)

    p.s. i adore you, too, lydia <3


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