Saturday, June 5, 2010

Playing House.

So I call this, "Playing House," because that's what it feels like we're doing here.
I feel like an actual grown-up and it's weird.
We went grocery shopping last night and we stuck to our budget. (Pat on the back? Don't mind if I do.)
Today I woke up and fully intended to make my husband breakfast in bed.
But then, I wasn't sure if I should wake him just to eat...
Also, I was a little bit scared to cook bacon.
So instead I had coffee and the best bagel I've ever eaten in my life, and Josh had Fruity Pebbles.
New plan: We make breakfast together tomorrow morning.

Around one o' clock Josh left to go work for the day.
AKA play poker at the Rio.
I stayed home to do my housewifely duties.
Today's accomplishments: Watched The Office.


  1. awww, i remember what the first few days of living together was like. we weren't married, but it felt alot like what you described.


    and i like the picture you posted too!

  2. Haha, you guys are too cute.

    I'd be scared to cook bacon too! You should try the veggie kind...then it's not scary if you undercook it!

    Good luck on you new adventure together! I can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  3. Congrats on your wedding! Hope you're having a great time with your hubby :]

  4. congratulations! i feel like i'm playing grown up too sometimes. esp when i'm getting dressed for work. haha. oh, and i love that josh ate fruit pebbles... how funny! :)

  5. congratulations on the wedding!!

  6. aw, it's so sweet and cute to think of you as a married woman now! for about the first year of being married, chris and i went grocery shopping together. now when we go, he rushes me, and i can't be rushed when it comes to food, so i mainly go alone.

    i hope you guys are enjoying your time as newlyweds!

  7. thanks, ladies! you're all so nice. :)

    danielle, i know it'll be like that with me and josh, too.
    because sometimes i get really browsy.
    and he just hates that!
    so i'm sure it'll end up that way with us, too. haha.


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