Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Business #1-Cake Stress.

A couple of weeks ago Josh and I were at Wal-Mart late one night, as usual, and we passed the Bakery section.
Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that I thought just might be the yummiest thing I'd ever lain eyes on.
"A chocolate ganache cake with custard and mousse fillings, and a pink ganache swirl on top."
So pretty!
I had to try a piece.
And I was correct: Definitely one of the yummiest things.
Then I thought to myself...
"This is the perfect wedding cake! With a few alterations of course."

It turned out that Wal-Mart doesn't make that cake; they only order it into the store.
So I went to the most popular (and really only) bakery in town to consult with their wedding cake specialist.
"Hi, I'm here to see about having a wedding cake made for May 29th."
"What are you looking for?"
"Well, a white cake, white icing, with mousse and custard fillings."
"We don't do fillings here."

What to do, what to do...

After a lot of thought, I maybe possibly sort of have an idea.
I'd just like opinions, please and thank you very much.

A couple of nights ago Josh and I were at Wal-Mart (what did I tell you?) and we passed the Bakery Section.
I jokingly said, "I'm about to just serve a bunch of different cakes."
But what if we really did?
I'd have my traditional wedding cake of course, too.
But not everyone is going to like the same thing, anyways.
A cake buffet might be fun!
What do you guys think?

Also, ideas on how to pull this off in a non-tacky and inexpensive way would be much appreciated. :)

Or if you have other ideas on how this matter of cake can be share!


  1. What if you bought a couple of the cakes that your loving & set them up like --OR-- --OR--

    You could totally do a dessert bar. :) Chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, tarts, cupcakes. I did a mini two teired cake & then a ton of cupcakes. It was really fun.

  2. this is kinda cool also. :)

  3. OOOH! I love, love, love this idea! Buffets and a variety of desserts seem to be the wedding trend these days! If you wanted to stick with cake, you could have a variety served to each table, or just have a cute buffet table.

  4. I had my wedding in Las Vegas and the reception was at one of the buffets in the casinos. I had a wedding cake but not everyone liked chocolate with raspberry filling. A lot of them went for the buffet deserts of cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream. Hope this gives you some ideas.

  5. DO IT!!! At our wedding, we had a pie table with 12 different kinds of pie and one of our friends made our wedding cake for us! Totally affordable and pretty much everyone loved picking the dessert they liked best! At my sister's wedding, she had a family friend make a cake for every table (as her wedding gift)and used it as the centerpiece (two things in one!) and it was great! Every table had different flavors and it was a hit!

    Do what makes you happiest!

  6. thanks so much for all the neat suggestions!
    so helpful. :)

    i love the pie idea! so cute, stephanie.

  7. thank you for your sweet comment :)
    your blog is also adorable!
    i am all for different cakes at a wedding!
    it would be cheap to make them yourself! you could have your bridesmaids help you and make it a cute little cake decorating party!

  8. i really want to do that!
    but my mom is saying how i can't do it myself.
    and blah, blah, blah.

  9. I saw a realllly cute wedding where they had a cake at every table, my bf doesn't like the idea because he says it would take the attention away from us, but if you serve the cakes after you cut it would be fine :)


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