Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dudes.

Other than my handful of main ladies,
I don't really have many girl friends,
but I have the best guy friends.
I can go to these guys for basically anything,
and they always have my back.
And even better, I can rest assured that there is no cattiness or possible sabotage going on behind my back.

So since I hadn't really spent any time with them in awhile,
I decided that my birthday was a perfect time for a get together.
I informed them.
And they made it happen.


Josh B. (on the left!)

And Daniel.
(who I've now rekindled my old best friendshipness with.)

After I got off work on Saturday I headed over to Josh's house.
When I got there he answered the door extra creepily and then led me to his bedroom.
(that sounded really weird.)
When he opened the door,
Daniel and Zach were standing there, behind a coffee table adorned with:
a cookie cake with a "Sweet 16!" design on it.
other food things.
and Josh's computer with a huge picture of my face as the background image:

There were also presents!
The movie "Casper", an "Avatar" action figure, gum, and tights from Zach and Josh.
and a box of Crunch n Munch from Daniel.
So. Sweet.

We watched a couple of episodes of "Arrested Development."
We watched our obsession, the Disney Channel original movie, "Brink!"
(this movie is so fun to watch and just laugh about how ridiculous it is. so many quotable lines and lines to twist into "that's what she said!"s. )
Laughed over some SNL.
watched more "Brink!"
made sandwiches.
Talked and laughed!

I ended up having to stay there til about 3 am, waiting for Josh (bf) to come get me.
The boys fell asleep, so I was left alone to watch the Kardashians.
Josh B. kept waking up here and there asking if I was "spending the night or something?"

It was such a fun time.
I love those guys to pieces!

(pictures via their facebooks because i am creep. also because i forgot my camera to take pictures. ooops.)


  1. Aw--that sounds fun! I'm glad you had some silly time with them! And your header is just lovely!

  2. thank you!
    it took me forever to finally make one that i loved. :)

  3. I am very similar with my group of friends as well.. A lot of the girls that I know.. can just be extremely hurtful, and it seems like I can never find the right ones to let in.

    However, they are out there, I promise.. my best girl friend lives in a whole other state from me, but it's really nice to have a girl that you just.. know you can tell anything too! You will find yours <3
    Happy late birthday! and you look beautiful in that photo

  4. I was the same way in college - I had a ton of guy friends and loved the lack of drama that came with them!!!

  5. awww, how fun! and so nice to know that your bf doesn't freak out. that is always a GOOD sign. yeaaa. and they got you tights?!?! so sweeeet.


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