Friday, January 22, 2010

fill in the blank!

i picked this little guy up from lauren. you should try it, too! :)
1. Today I am feeling pretty upset and a little bit sickly .

2. If I were you I'd take the day off. too bad i can't! .

3. Love is: such an incredible, wonderful thing. even when it gets tough! .

4. I always tell my mom bye before leaving the house.

5. I feel prettiest when I'm wearing my hair all cute .

6. If I had a million dollars I'd quit my current job, start my business, pay off my car and medical bills, invest .

7. I'm looking forward to getting engaged/married .


  1. being married is the greatest. definitely something to look forward to...but also fun being single...just for different reasons :). glad you did this...and i wish we could both play hooky from work today and take "mental health days". i think i'd go shopping.

    hope you get to feeling better and have a lovely weekend!

  2. I'm really looking forward to getting married in October! I hope you feel better and have a good weekend1

  3. this is super cute :) and i agree. love is wonderful even during the bad times. it's worth it :) cant wait to read more!

  4. heaps cute, I might do this actually.


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